Summer is winding down and the Taxman is turning up the heat.

Just like you, the Taxman is back from summer vacation, and he’s really turning up the heat on collecting tax.

Over the last 10 days we have seen a marked rise in people coming in with bank account (and RRSP account) garnishments, wage garnishments, and registrations of liens against homes. We have also had people bring in 7, 8 or even more CRA envelopes bearing arbitrary assessments for unfiled tax years. It’s not a good idea to ignore those grey manilla envelopes. Once the Taxman makes the assessment, it doesn’t matter if the numbers aren’t real. He can collect on the full balance unless or until you do something to change it.

Don’t wait to see what surprises show up in your mailbox, or at your bank. Call DioGuardi NOW and deal with the Taxman trouble.

What DioGuardi doesn’t know about Taxman trouble hasn’t happened yet. Phone 1-877-4-DIO-TAX for your in person review meeting.

One fast phone call. Nothing to lose but the tax. Phone now.