Tax Debt

DioGuardi helps you beat the Taxman.

When you owe tax, the Taxman will inevitably come after the money. Even if you disagree with your tax assessments.

DioGuardi protects you from unfair collection action, or pre-emptive action that can deprive you and your business of cash flow, customers, or even the security of your home.

And here’s the DioGuardi inside scoop: you don’t always have to pay as much as the Taxman says you owe.


Forget mortgage brokers. They’re in business to suck the equity out of your house.

Forget insolvency trustees. They’re in business to liquidate everything you have for their own enrichment.

Forget your accountant, who panics at the sight of a large tax balance and sends you off to a mortgage broker or a trustee.

Before you take any steps to payout the Taxman, talk to DioGuardi.

DioGuardi can keep the CRA at bay while we develop a plan for how – and how much – to pay the Taxman.

Protect your house. Protect your business. Protect your money.

Before your tax debt becomes a financial crisis.

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